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Quill & Quire Named Vigilante Season a Top Five Crime Book for 2013 (19 December 2013)

“Montreal’s Paragraphe Books named Peter Kirby’s Vigilante Season its top pick for 2013 Canadian crime and mystery fiction.” Read more about Vigilante Season and check out the other four books on the Quill & Quire website

Sarah Lolley interviews Peter Kirby about writing, reading and Montreal (28 October 2013)

About Kirby’s favourite place to write: “The National Archives reading room in La Grande Bibliothèque. It’s a an oasis of tranquility in the heart of Montréal, and there are no interruptions from gadgets. You shut off your phone, sit down with a pen and paper and just write, or just stare off into space thinking. I got some great work done there last winter.”

Read the full interview in Urban Expressions

Interview on All in A Weekend, CBC Montreal (26 October 2013)

Listen to Sonali Karnick interview Peter Kirby about “Vigilante Season,” about what could happen when a neighbourhood cleans up and the real-life inspirations for the novel.

Interview with Peter Kirby on his book “The Dead of Winter”

Bill Brownstein profiles Peter Kirby in The Gazette
17 October 2012

“Part of the thrill of being able to write fiction is that you would get fed up writing pleadings for court with the judge looking at you and saying this looks to be very creative — but, by that, the judge is really saying that it’s a crock,”

Read more from Taking the law into his own hands at the Gazette’s website.

Mutsumi Takahashi Interviews Peter Kirby on CTV

“This is not a good thing for your mental health, and I thought, well, misery loves company, and I started to write, and this character Luc Vanier came into being, and I sent him out into the night on Christmas Eve.”

Watch the interview with author Peter Kirby on CTV’s website

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Jim Napier Interviews Peter Kirby for the Montreal Review of Books
Fall 2012

“I was in a grim mood and wanted a grim subject. The real answer is that there’s a lot out there to be grim about and I wanted to engage readers with more than a straightforward whodunit. Homelessness, poverty, mental illness, and the abuse of authority are all things we witness too often.”

Read more at Peter Kirby interview at Montreal Review of Books

Peter Kirby on CBC Sunday Edition
19 August 2012

Gilles Blunt and Peter Kirby discussed memories of winter and how we use winter in our writing.
Link to audio on Sunday Edition website