Reviews of Books by Peter Kirby

Review by Publisher’s Weekly
December 02 2012

“The novel offers more than a simple tale of the worthy few against the corrupt many…[it] delivers more nuance than is typical for its genre, a promising follow-up to 2012’s lauded The Dead of Winter.”

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Jim Napier reviews Vigilante Season in the Montreal Review of Books
3 December 2013

“His writing has become even more assured, and his ability to capture the atmosphere of various districts of Montreal in all their glory or squalor, coupled with a believable storyline drawn from the headlines, lends his books an immediacy that will keep the reader enthralled…Vigilante Season is a fine tale that can hold its own with the best of what’s out there, and I look forward to the next installment in this engaging series.”

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Review by Anne Forrest in Nuacht
November 2013

“This novel is one for our times…I suggest you pour a glass of Jameson, as would Luc Vanier, then sit back and enjoy a good read.”

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Review by Margaret Cannon in The Globe and Mail
December 21 2012

“Kirby knows how to plot, build character and maintain suspense. His Vanier is realistic enough to be credible and interesting enough for readers to hope for a return visit. This is an auspicious debut from a writer to watch.”

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Review by Antoine Maloney in Nuacht
November 2012

“Irishman Kirby joins Brady and Peter Robinson in the ranks of my favourite English and Irish ex-pat crime novelists living in Canada.”

“Vanier is a cop who cares, about the living and equally about the dead. He is driven to act on their behalf, very like Harry Bosch, and Kirby, like other great detective novelists, creates a fully drawn character that we care about, that we want to know more about.”

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Review by Kate Lunau in Maclean’s magazine
November 23 2012

“In The Dead of Winter, Montreal is colourful and gritty. Thugs and lowlifes rub shoulders with the elite, while the city is pummelled by an endless succession of vicious snowstorms.”

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Review by Sarah Wineman in the National Post
November 9, 2012

“Vanier reveals himself as a worthy series detective”

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 Review by Linda Wongkee in Suite 10, Great Canadian Reads
November 5 2012

“Readers who love a good crime novel will enjoy this book, but people who live in or near Montreal (or even love the city) will thoroughly enjoy reading about familiar neighbourhoods, streets and outlying communities.”

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Review by Gregory McCormick in Azure Scratchings, the blog of the Blue Metropolis Literary Festival
October 24, 2012

“A fascinating novel, a chronicle of a series of crimes which rock the church and business establishments in the middle of a bleak, dark, and cold Montreal winter … one of the best crime books I’ve read this year.”

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Bill Brownstein profiles Peter Kirby in The Gazette

17 October 2012

“Part of the thrill of being able to write fiction is that you would get fed up writing pleadings for court with the judge looking at you and saying this looks to be very creative — but, by that, the judge is really saying that it’s a crock,”

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Mutsumi Takahashi Interviews Peter Kirby on CTV

“This is not a good thing for your mental health, and I thought, well, misery loves company, and I started to write, and this character Luc Vanier came into being, and I sent him out into the night on Christmas Eve.”

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Jim Napier Interviews Peter Kirby for the Montreal Review of Books

Fall 2012

“I was in a grim mood and wanted a grim subject. The real answer is that there’s a lot out there to be grim about and I wanted to engage readers with more than a straightforward whodunit. Homelessness, poverty, mental illness, and the abuse of authority are all things we witness too often.”

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Review in The West End Times by Stuart Nulman

28 September 2012

“An impressive book by one of the promising new voices in the murder mystery genre…”

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CBC The Sunday Edition

19 August 2012, 9 am-12 noon<br>

Gilles Blunt and Peter Kirby discussed memories of winter and how we use winter in our writing.
Link to audio on Sunday Edition website